After a long process under large influence of Covid-19, an agreement is now in place between Danish Pig Genetics and the largest foreign multiplication unit to date under Danish Pig Genetics, AgroEco in Russia.

 Who is AgroEco?
AgroEco is the first Russian multiplication unit under the Danish Pig Genetics name and also the largest foreign multiplication unit to date under the auspices of Danish Pig Genetics. The multiplication unit consists of 4200 purebred sows of all three breeds. Annually, AgroEco expects to deliver 35,000 Danish Pig Genetics breeding animals locally to the Russian market.

AgroEco is a top professional player in the Russian market, which has been expressed through previous collaborations. Exactly for this reason, we know that AgroEco is the right company to take on the task as a local Danish Pig Genetics multiplication in Russia.

High standards
With the recently signed agreement, the AgroEco multiplication unit will be included in the Danish Pig Genetics system like any other multiplication unit. This means that they work under Danish Pig Genetics controls and implement all workflows and requirements on an equal footing with other Danish Pig Genetics multiplication units. Likewise, all animals are of our known high health status and are tested monthly through blood tests.

The staff at AgroEco also matches the high standards in Danish Pig Genetics and is characterized by being a competent team with high qualifications and extensive experience in genetics and breeding work.

 An agreement despite travel restrictions
This agreement is an important milestone for Danish Pig Genetics and helps pave the way for an exciting future. However, the agreement has not been easy to get in place.

Making an agreement across national borders in recent times has been more difficult than ever due to travel restrictions in connection with Covid-19. Therefore, it is a great joy for all of Danish Pig Genetics that we have successfully succeeded in getting a large agreement like this in place exclusively through digital meetings.

Danish Pig Genetics Partner, Breeders of Denmark, has been a significant part of the implementation of the agreement. Breeders of Denmark will be responsible for the sales together with AgroEco under the newly created ‘Danish Genetics Russia’ brand.

This agreement and new brand manifest a new era for the global spread of Danish Pig Genetics.