The fast-moving Danish breeding company Danish Pig Genetics P/S has hired the experienced geneticist, Mahmoud Shirali as Internal Lead Geneticist. Along with Roslin Technologies, Mahmoud Shirali will be responsible for the development of the ambitious breeding program that will position Danish Pig Genetics P/S among the leading breeding companies of the world.

Since the launch less than a year ago, the Danish breeding company Danish Pig Genetics has initiated several commercial and genetic initiatives to improve their global presence and to position themselves among the leading breeding companies of the world. The breeding company has invested millions in state-of-the-art feeding stations, launched a genetic partnership with one of the leading genetic experts of the world, Roslin Technologies, and hired a new CEO with a strong international profile to lead the company in their commercial development.

Now Danish Pig Genetics has found the geneticist who will be responsible for developing the breeding program in the future. As Internal Lead Geneticist, Danish Pig Genetics has hired the experienced geneticist Mahmoud Shirali, who has more than 10 years of experience within the area of pig genetics and breeding. He is a well-educated geneticist with degrees from University of Edinburgh, SRUC and Wageningen University and has recently been employed as Senior Geneticist at Aarhus University.


An experienced and international profile

As Internal Lead Geneticist Mahmoud Shirali will be leading international research- and development projects and be securing the implementation of scientific results and input from the genetic business partner, Roslin Technologies at Edinburgh University.

”We are happy to be welcoming Mahmoud to Danish Pig Genetics. We have been searching for an experienced and competent geneticist, who can lead the development and optimization of our ambitious breeding program, and Mahmoud Shirali is exactly that,” explains Lars Dall, CEO of Danish Pig Genetics P/S. He continues:

”With his great scientific experience, management skills and expertise within the area of breeding and genetics, Mahmoud Shirali will be playing a central role in developing our innovative breeding program. Between Mahmoud, Roslin Technologies and the partnering companies of Danish Pig Genetics we have a strong position when it comes to offering our customers world class genetics now and in the future.”


Driven by results

Mahmoud Shirali has a wide international network and sees the position at Danish Pig Genetics as a good match and an exciting opportunity to continue creating great genetic results based on ground-breaking innovation and the newest technology.

”The strategic collaboration with Roslin Technologies is unique and it makes us capable of ensuring substantial implementation of innovative research findings into practical pig breeding. Individual recording of feed intake on each breeder farm, novel genomic strategy, and a PRRS negative breeding program are few of the key areas that differentiates our breeding program which makes us capable of raising the bar of breeding,” says Mahmoud Shirali.

Mahmoud Shirali joins Danish Pig Genetics in the position as Internal Lead Geneticist on April the 1st.

A selection of Mahmoud Shiralis results:

  • Established geneticist with 10 years of experience in statistical modelling of economically important traits in pig breeding demonstrated by the development of novel methodologies such as horizontal models for combined analysis of longitudinal and single recorded traits.
  • Has strong leadership, project and people management skills evidenced by creating and coordinating a consortium of 17 research and industry partners for a H2020 grant proposal.
  • Has developed novel statistical models for economically important traits such as feed efficiency to improve pig breeding program.
  • Reviewer for several international scientific journals.
  • Expanding the statistical models in breeding programs to include changes in environments across the nucleus units to identify robust and resilience pigs of the future.