Our breeds

In our breed we use young females and boars within Danish Yorkshire (YY), Danish Landrace (LL), Danish Duroc, and our hybrids (LY/YL).

Danish Duroc - high meat quality and lean meat percentage

The Duroc is known for its high growth rate, low feed consumption, high meat percentage and excellent meat quality. The breed is characterised by its outstanding results in combination with the cross-bred, F1 (LY/YL) sow.

Danish Duroc is included in Danish Genetics’ breeding program as terminal sire.

Danish Landrace - a strong animal with high fertility

Danish Landrace is one of the mother sows used in the Danish cross-breeding programme. The Landrace is a strong animal with high fertility and good parenting skills. The Landrace is therefore used as a mother sow for the well-known cross-bred (LY/YL) sow, which is known worldwide for the high returns achieved when used for breeding slaughter pigs.

Danish Landrace is one of the mother sows used in the Danish breeding program.

Danish Yorkshire - an animal with strong production traits

Danish Yorkshire is one of the mother sows in our breeding program. The Yorkshire is known for good parenting skills and high production traits in relation to fertility, growth rate, low feed consumption, lean meat percentage and meat quality. We use the Yorkshire as mothering sow for the profitable and well-known cross-bred (LY/YL sow).

Danish Yorkshire is the second mother sow used in Danish Genetics’ breeding program.

Danish Genetics hybrid pig - the best sow for finisher production

The cross-bred sow F1 (LY/YL), called the hybrid sow, is a cross between Danish Yorkshire and Danish Landrace. The result is the most ideal production sow for slaughter pig production regarding production returns and effectiveness. This is a result of the low feed consumption, high growth rate, high degree of fertility, good parenting skills, longevity and highcarcass quality.

A foresighted breeding program

The key to create a visionary pig breeding program lies in combining the global pork market trends, customers demand, and international genetic expertise and tools. That is the mindset behind the approach to designing our breeding program.


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