Breeding program

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Our breeding program

A foresighted breeding program

The key to create a visionary pig breeding program lies in combining the global pork market trends, customers demand, and international genetic expertise and tools. That is the mindset behind the approach to designing our breeding program.

Knowing the market

We constantly perform market analyses via a direct approach to the market. Factual data analyses across the industry ensures that we have in depth information regarding our customers requested need for genetics. A clear understanding of the demands and the trends allows us to produce the animals of the future through our updated global breeding program.


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A unique bio-economic model that transforms market needs into specific breeding decisions

Danish Genetics and AbacusBio have developed a unique bio-economic model that incorporates genetics principles, economic modelling, and market trends to ensure that the right amount of emphasis goes on traits within the breeding program.

“This tool produces accurate economic weights for the traits of interest in the breeding program, informed by the outcomes of consultation and underpinned by robust economic analysis” Dr. Tim Byrne Managing Director of AbacusBio’s UK business unit explains.

Cutting edge genetic and genomic tools for increased accuracy in breeding values and index

We use genetics algorithms from a comprehensive amount of data including DNA samples, tests from nucleus and multiplier herds and transform these into breeding values for the specific traits in our breeding goal. This leads to our calculated breeding index which we use to select the best breeding candidates for future generation.


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Our goal is to optimize your business by developing and delivering world-class genetics. The opportunities lie in the genes, and with a commercial starting point and a humble and close dialogue with the customers, we want to be the customers' preferred choice of genetic partner.