Nucleus Management

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Nucleus Management

Join the breeding progress at Danish Genetics Management.

Join the breeding progress at Danish Genetics

With Danish Genetics Nucleus Management – DGNM – you will become part of the breeding progress at Danish Genetics. Such an agreement will help you select the best breeding animals as you will have access to more data on your herd. Based on these data you will be able to select the best animals for your future breeding.

Besides the obvious breeding gains, a DGNM agreement has other advantages. It will be possible to close your herd for the purchase of breeding animals and thereby reduce the risk of contamination. But our agreement still allows you to maintain a professional nucleus making sure your animals maintain their index.


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Advantages in a DGNM agreement

A Danish Genetics Nucleus Management agreement includes a lot of advantages. Most important is the opportunity to optimize the production. This is due to the possibility of optimizing the breeding potential, as the selection of breeding animals will be based on data.


  • Profit from the genetic work of Danish Genetics – short term and long term.
  • Know the index of your breeding animals to ensure that you select the sows with highest index for future generation sows.
  • Achieve the best production performance for sow- and finisher units.
  • Optimize the production through service and counseling provided by our Danish Genetics-certified advisers.
  • User-friendly database – Kermit – allows you to see your herd, enter and amend data along with a plan for mating.
  • Accessible breeding reports.
  • Data are transferred through your own management system and index is updated on a weekly basis.
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What is included in a DGNM agreement?

The agreement includes both access to software showing herd data and counseling provided by our Danish Genetics-certified advisors.

  • Implementing DGNM-systems in your management program (currently Cloudfarms and PigVision)
  • DGNM standard setup including individual customization
  • Optional DGNM training at the individual farms – how to use it
  • Training in the use of Kermit - Danish Genetics database
  • Training in mating plan
  • Going-over the breeding reports
  • Breeding plans for your herd. Including calculation on purebred and cross mating for every week/group, index requirements etc.
  • Follow-up of actual matings in the production programs.
  • Remedy errors.

Certified advisors

To become a DGNM advisor a certification is required. We assure that only Danish Genetics certified advisors will visit you, giving you the optimal counseling in terms of optimizing breeding in your herd.


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