Carcass quality

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Carcass quality

High carcass quality is crucial to a quality finisher

Breeding goal: Carcass quality

Danish Genetics ensures premium carcass quality by focusing on the genetic selection concerning backfat thickness. In the case of the Duroc terminal line, a lower backfat measurement is sought-after due to its inverse relationship with the lean meat proportion. Opting to select directly for reduced backfat proves more effective in breeding leaner livestock than selecting for lean meat content itself. Meanwhile, for maternal breeds such as the Landrace and Yorkshire, the breeding objectives include backfat criteria to preserve its current standard. This approach reflects our commitment to a balanced breeding strategy that not only enhances efficiency but also reinforces the sows' robustness.



Danish Genetics' animals are free of the halothane gene. This means that the animals are less sensitive to stress and produce meat of a high quality. The removal of the halothane gene results in pH having a minimal influence on production yield, and that the meat has a slower decrease in pH and thereby a lower drip loss since pH and drip loss are correlated. This results in meat of high quality.

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