Phenotypic information

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Phenotypic information

A solid foundation for future breeding progress

We are constantly expanding our database with information about our pig’s performance. In practice we monitor and collect phenotypical information of our animals and herds. Valuable information as phenotypes makes our database a solid foundation for future breeding development. With our database it is possible for us to produce world-class breeding animals.

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Test of breeding candidates

Most of all purebred pigs in the breeding herds are evaluated to measure the individual animals' daily gain from 30 kg to slaughter, backfat thickness, strength and feed conversion ratio. The high amount of data and knowledge of the individual animals' performance makes it possible to select the best breeding candidates and increase the genetic progress.


Weekly herd visits

One of Danish Genetics experienced breeding technicians visits the individual breeding herd every week to collect data about the animals which have ended test. At this visit the breeding technician weighs the individual animal whereby a daily gain of the animal is calculated. Besides this the breeding technician scans the animal to measure the backfat thickness. The less backfat thickness, the higher lean meat percentage do the animal have.

Evaluation is made by a breeding technician

In addition to the scan, we also assess the pig's exterior on legs, back and posture. Animals with a good body structure on legs and posture will have an increased animal welfare. All breeding animals are scored in relation to strength by the experienced breeding technicians. This is done with a score that evaluates the leg position when the animals are both standing and walking. This secures that only animals with strong legs and a good body posture are used for breeding.

Instant data are added to our database by using scanners - it is efficient, and less time consuming. Once a week these data are used to calculate the genetic value of the animals.



270 feeding stations

Danish Genetics has invested in 270 advanced computerized electronic feeding stations to register the feed intake of the individual pigs. These feeding stations are distributed across the different breeding herds, which makes it possible to determine the feed utilization for the majority of Danish Genetics' purebred boars. By measuring the pigs' feed utilization on the individual breeding herd where the animals were born, a high health status is also ensured.

Want to know more about how the feeding machines contribute to an increased genetic progress.


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More data is collected

In addition to the large amount of data that comes from the animals' testing, Danish Genetics collects information about the animals' performance in relation to reproduction, mothering abilities, and sow longevity. These registrations take place on both the breeding herds and the multiplication herds. This provides a great deal of information about which animals are the best breeding candidates for these traits.

All this information about the individual animals' performance contributes to us at Danish Genetics being able to select the very best breeding candidates and ensure a high breeding progress for the benefit of the breeding program and our customers.


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