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Danish hybrid - the best sow for finisher production

The cross-bred sow (LY/YL), called the hybrid sow, is a cross between Danish Yorkshire and Danish Landrace. The result is the most ideal production sow for slaughter pig production regarding production returns and effectiveness. This is a result of the low feed consumption, high growth rate, high degree of fertility, good parenting skills, longevity and high carcass quality.


Data from Danish Genetics finishers May 3, 2023


Meat percentage, lowest (%)
Meat percentage, average (%)
Meat percentage, highest (%)
Danish Hybrid

Breeding for stronger pigs and viable
piglets pays off

Danish Genetics is dedicated to breeding stronger pigs and improving the viability of piglets in each litter. This focus on genetic improvement has far-reaching benefits for pig farmers, sustainable pig production, animal welfare, and the environment.

Breeding for stronger pigs involves selecting animals with traits that improve their disease resistance, growth rate, and meat quality. This approach reduces the need for antibiotics and other medications, resulting in healthier pigs and less environmental pollution. Additionally, breeding for stronger pigs increases the efficiency and profitability of pig farms.