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Full-scale and competitive semen solution

We offer pig producers all over the world a full-scale and competitive semen solution across our breeds: Duroc, Landrace and Yorkshire.

Genetical collaboration or pay per dose

With our white semen we offer a genetic collaboration. For Duroc semen we offer a simple solution where you pay per dose without any additional subscription. A favourable solution for farmers who want to act and decide independently.

Technical support

Our professionel support team is always ready to help.

Through our professional technical team, we provide valuable help and service. The team consists of employees with various relevant backgrounds both with experience directly from agriculture as well as experience in advising both pig breeders and production. This enables them to provide in-depth support for each and every one of our many customers.


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Detailed and accurate semen analysis with CASA


Danish Genetics and AI Station Mors have invested in several CASA systems to analyze semen. Previously we used a light optical microscope set-up but with the new technology we can obtain even more detailed analysis. This is because the analysis is now performed via software developed specifically for semen analysis. All analysis results are based on data and not a subjective assessment. For our customers, this means that the semen delivered to them has undergone a uniform and standardized analysis every time.


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