CASA - uniform and standardized semen analysis

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Detailed and accurate semen analysis with CASA

Danish Genetics and AI Station Mors have invested in several CASA systems to analyze semen. Previously we used a light optical microscope set-up but with the new technology we can obtain even more detailed analysis.

The advantages of CASA

Using CASA, we see a number of advantages:


Furthermore, we know that CASA allows us to create a number of reports that provide a deeper insights to the individual boar. We use this data in our breeding work and as a contribution to genetic purposes.

Detailed and accurate analysis with CASA

Earlier we analyzed through a light optical microscope set-up but with CASA technology we can obtain an even more detailed analysis, since CASA is developed specifically for semen analysis. All results are based on data and not a subjective assessment. For our customers, this means that the semen delivered to them has undergone a uniform and standardized analysis every time.

All Danish Genetics boars are tested using CASA - at their first mount and throughout their lifetime. As a result of this all semen delivered through Danish Genetics and AI station Mors - including production semen - will be tested with CASA.

What is CASA?

CASA is short for Computer Assisted Semen Analysis. In the analysis, the semen is tested for motility, morphology and concentration. I.e., sperm motility, defects, and concentration of sperm.

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Your preferred genetics partner

Our goal is to optimize your business by developing and delivering world-class genetics. The opportunities lie in the genes, and with a commercial starting point and a humble and close dialogue with our customers, we want to be the customers' preferred choice of genetic partner.

Behind Danish Genetics are a number of Denmark’s most experienced breeders, multipliers, and distributors.

A solid foundation of more than 100 years’ experience combined with state-of-the-art technologies and the world’s leading genetics experts are the ingredients that create one of the world’s best breeding programmes.

The biological complexity of the breeding goals makes it necessary to balance the traits against each other to secure optimal breeding. Therefore, we have focused on a balanced breeding program by incorporating number of breeding goal traits from efficiency, growth, robustness, reproduction, mothering ability and carcass quality categories.

These focus points are chosen because the combination of them results in a more sustainable breeding with profit for the consumers, less environmental pollution, and increased animal welfare.

DGENES is a dynamic system equipped with state-of-the-art genetics technologies that can analyse the data through genetic approaches to deliver accurate breeding values. The breeding goal is delivered by Danish Genetics’ unique bio-economic model, that weighs the traits under selection by the economic value of each trait to secure the highest production profit for the pork producers along the value chain.

Yes, we have a concept called DGNM - Danish Genetics Nucleus Management.

With DGNM, you can become part of the breeding progress at Danish Genetics. At the same time, such an agreement ensures that you get the most of your breeding animals, as you get access to more data about your animals, and thus are better capable of selecting the animals to be used in the further breeding.