AI Station Mors - one of the most experienced AI Stations in Denmark

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AI Station Mors

One of the most experienced AI Stations in Denmark

AI Station Mors - Extensive experience and highly professionel


One of the most experienced AI Stations in Denmark is AI Station Mors. Through three generations and 45 years they have delivered world-class products. This day they have more than 35 % of the total Danish sale of semen equalivant to more than 2.2 million portions of semen yearly.

AI Station Mors is responsible for all Danish Genetics semen in Denmark. The AI station has housed approx. 800 Danish Genetics-boars.


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Guaranteed high quality and long durability


For 45 years AI Station Mors has been working with semen production. The process is optimized continuously, and this is your guarantee for long lasting and high-quality semen with AI Station Mors as supplier.

The semen standards are maintained through actions as temperature control. This means that the semen is transported in boxes or vans that are temperature controlled to ensure that the semen maintain a temperature of 17-19 Celsius degrees - all the way from the laboratory to the customer. To assure their customers, AI Station Mors tracks the temperature during the transport and reports the data when the semen is delivered.


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