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Dynamic database

DGENES is a dynamic system equipped with state-of-art genetic technologies, which analyzes data through genetic processes to deliver accurate breeding values. Danish Genetics' unique bio-economic model weights the breeding goals and their economic value to secure the highest profit for pig producers world-wide.

DG Index

Index is the key to selection of the best breeding candidates for next generations. Danish Genetics has in collaboration with AbacusBio, developed a unique bio-economic simulation model which incorporates genetic principals, economic analyses, and market tendencies to secure the right weight between the breeding goals which are included in the breeding program for Yorkshire and Landrace on the maternal side and for Duroc on the terminal side.

The DGENES model

To calculate the index, together with some of Denmark’s most experienced breeders, Danish Genetics collects a comprehensive amount of data from the big genetic population of the three breeds Landrace, Yorkshire and Duroc. All these data are analyzed and processed to secure that we continue to have world-class genetic and breeding animals. In our work with creating world-class breeding progress, our most valuable tool is our comprehensive database. The database consists of valuable breeding data which give knowledge for how we can select for specific traits - and we are always working on strengthening it to improve pig breeding for the benefit of our customers all over the world.

Robust index with DGENES

Danish Genetics aspires to deliver a robust index of high quality to secure genetic progress for a balanced and sustainable pig production.

The Danish Genetics Evaluation System (DGENES) combines millions of datapoints from farm recording with genomic data in a genomic BLUP, to produce the Danish Genetics breeding Index (DGI).

The genetic and genomic software package DMU from Aarhus University is used with technical support to ensure the successful operation of the software on internal Danish Genetics computer servers.

The operational statistical genetic models for crunching millions of data points are being developed in collaboration with the science and technology company AbacusBio. Besides this, Danish Genetics uses 100 % genomic selection.

DGENES is a dynamic system with state-of-art-genetic technologies that can analyse data through genetic approaches to deliver accurate breeding values.

With DGENES, Danish Genetics can contribute to genetic services and material to customers globally, as well as ensure a robust breeding index to selection of breeding candidates to future generations.

Danish Genetics unique bio-economic model weights the breeding goals and the belonging economic values to secure the highest profit for pig producers worldwide.


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