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Focus on health

Healthy animals are essential for optimum breeding. Therefore, the health status and hygiene at all our professional business partners are extremely important. We take our responsibility very seriously and only sell healthy breeding animals in Denmark and the rest of the world.

The first Danish PRRS-negative breeding program

We are ambitious and are at the forefront of greater health and semen from PRRS-negative boars. We were the first Danish breeding company with a requirement for a PRRS-negative breeding and associated AI program. This means that all our herds are PRRS negative. In addition, the boars at our AI stations come from PRRS-negative breeding herds and are tested via blood samples before they are deployed at the stations.

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Health status is managed by experts

All herds under Danish Genetics are approved SPF herds with a high health status, and all boars are PRRS-negative.

The Danish SPF system was established in 1971 and is one of the world’s best health systems. There are fixed rules for protection against infection, health inspections and transport of pigs to herds.

SPF-Denmark and the Health Status Management (SPF-SUS) are jointly responsible for controlling the health status of all Danish herds. The herds are checked at least once a month by a veterinarian, and declarations of health status are available for all Danish herds.

Our high health status is therefore backed up by experts and our customers are guaranteed declarations of health when buying semen or breeding animals from Danish Genetics.

How to get Danish Genetics semen

Comprehensive infection control including weekly PCR testing

Through a comprehensive infection control we, at Danish Genetics increase the certainty for all customers of our semen. We do not compromise with health and to secure this we, as the first ever Danish breeding company weekly perform PCR test on our AI-boars. PCR tests are subsequent combined with the standard blood samples to guarantee a higher level of infection control.

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We go above and beyond to deliver infection control

A PCR test detects a specific vira and not the antibodies. This means that potential infection is detected within a few days after the infection has occurred. The infection decoding will happen earlier as we do not have to wait for formation of the antibodies currently occurring after 10 to 14 days.

Our PCR test is combined with an ELISA test. ELISA tests for antibodies and provides a comprehensive insight to potential infection. Our tests serve as a strong but necessary health surveillance for various diseases. When using a test combination, we discover insights to our AI program health status, and we offer our customers a substantial infection control.

Besides the extensive test program all housing units at our AI stations are equipped with UVC rays in the ventilation to prevent diseases. A UVC installation filters air thereby increases the infection control.