Focus on piglet survival via birth weight registration

By Danish Genetics - Monday, 4 April 2022

Danish Genetics is increasing its focus on piglet survival via a development project that deals with birth weight registration.

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New development project at Danish Genetics

Watch the video where we explain how focus on birth weight registration can affect the survival of purebred Landrace and Yorkshire piglets.


Already in the spring of 2021, Danish Genetics increased its focus on piglet survival by implementing direct breeding for piglet survival as well as the number of viable piglets in the litter. To further strengthen the path to an increased piglet survival, Danish Genetics has started a new development project. The intention is, in the future, to be able to breed for piglets with a more uniform birth weight in the litter. This concept will strengthen Danish Genetics' path to increased piglet survival and a more sustainable breeding program.

Unique focus on piglet survival 

The breeding program at Danish Genetics has a special focus on piglet survival as well as robust and efficient pigs. Among other things, the genetics company achieves this through direct breeding for piglet survival and viable piglets. To further strengthen that goal, the company has launched a project of individual birth weight registration for all live-born, purebred Landrace and Yorkshire piglets in the breeding herds. The breeds Landrace and Yorkshire have been chosen, as these breeds form the maternal lines in Danish Genetics' breeding program.

Increased piglet survival

With registration of the individual birth weight of piglets within the maternal lines Landrace and Yorkshire, Danish Genetics aims to be able to breed for more robust pigs and a higher piglet survival - and ultimately more weaned pigs per sow per year. This will affect the sustainability in a positive way, as increased piglet survival ultimately will lead to a need for fewer sows to produce the same number of piglets.