Danish Genetics Enhances Sow Welfare with AI and Camera Technology

By Søren Brun Faarbæk - Wednesday, 3 July 2024

Artificial intelligence and camera technology will optimize animal welfare and the leg strength of sows.

Robust DG YY

Danish Genetics, in collaboration with the Danish Technological Institute and Aarhus University, is developing new technology to improve sow welfare and strength through advanced camera technology and artificial intelligence.

The project aims to revolutionize breeding evaluations by replacing manual assessments with objective measurements obtained through continuous camera monitoring and AI algorithms. This will enable precise identification of the most robust breeding sows, thereby improving their durability and lifespan.

"By automating the assessment of sow characteristics, we can enhance robustness and ensure a more sustainable pig production," says Søren Balder Bendtsen, Genetic Team Leader at Danish Genetics.

This initiative is part of Danish Genetics' overall strategy to improve the health and well-being of sows. By focusing on robustness and leg strength, we support our goal of delivering the world's most sustainable and well-functioning breeding animals.

The DiGiSOW project is expected to save 20,000 sows and 312,000 piglets annually and will bring significant economic benefits to producers.

Read more here: https://www.teknologisk.dk/ydelser/46129


  • Søren Balder Bendtsen, Genetic Team Leader, Danish Pig Genetics, mobile: +45 8140 2613, email: sbb@danishgenetics.dk
  • Claus Hansen, Senior Consultant, Danish Technological Institute, mobile: +45 7220 2463, email: clha@teknologisk.dk
  • Grum Gebreyesus, Tenure Track Assistant Professor, Aarhus University, mobile: +45 2234 7073, email: grum.gebreyesus@qgg.au.dk