Danish Genetics launches a new value-based service agreement

By Danish Genetics - Friday, 10 June 2022

Pig producers working with home breeding producing their own crossbreds have an opportunity to improve their home breeding through Danish Genetics' breeding program. The genetics company from Denmark has just launched a new home breeding service called Nucleus Management (DGNM).

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To create improved profitability in pig production, breeding work is essential. A large proportion of Danish Genetics' customers achieve breeding progress through ongoing purchases of crossbreds from the company's breeding and multiplication herds, while another proportion does home breeding, where the latest breeding progress is achieved by combining the semen received from Danish Genetics’ AI stations combined with the individual selection in the herd.

Danish Genetics is now expanding its business model where the pig producer is responsible for producing the next generation of young females through home breeding.

- We have just launched Danish Genetics Nucleus Management aimed at the producers who, through home breeding, produce young females for replacement in their herds. The new program offers our customers new opportunities to optimize selection and breeding work in their herd, which will enable them to achieve even higher breeding progress, explains Ulla Gam Hansen, technical consultant at Danish Genetics.

Full breeding monitoring optimizes production

Producers will be able to closely follow their breeding work in the future with the help of the new breeding tool, and act accordingly if necessary. Each breeding animal is indexed weekly in order for the producer to achieve the most efficient production results for both sow and finisher herds.

- A new breeding report with various breeding key figures is also made available to producers. Moreover, there will be an opportunity to obtain externally approved and independent pig advisors to help with the breeding work in the herd. This will ensure that it runs optimally, and genetics is utilized in the best possible way, says Ulla Gam Hansen.

Like most other industries, digitalization and data have also made their entrance among pig producers. Danish Genetics wants to benefit from this development.

- We experience that many customers are looking at ways to utilize data and other opportunities that digitalization brings with it. In today's world, decisions are increasingly based on data insights, and it is important for us, as a company, to offer strong digital and user-friendly solutions to our clients. Besides genetic development, digitalization is where we are currently spending most of our resources, Ulla Gam Hansen explains.

Efficiency rhymes with less environmental impact

It is important to continuously optimize production on a variety of parameters in order to reduce the environmental and climate impact of pig production according to Ulla Gam Hansen. Here Danish Genetics Nucleus Management can make a difference.

- Production efficiency determines how much impact production has on the environment. Consequently, it makes both financial and environmental sense to have a focus on utilizing genetics to its maximum when home breeding is done, the technical consultant explains.

Ulla Gam Hansen explains that conducting home breeding through Danish Genetics Nucleus Management is not difficult but requires the individual pig farmer's full attention and insight to reach the full economic and environmental benefits.

- When it comes to home breeding, you can't simply put "Autopilot" on. The farm manager operator needs the right skills and counseling, which Danish Genetics provides through our Nucleus Management solution, she explains.