Danish pig breeding company continues its growth!

By Søren Brun Faarbæk - Tuesday, 14 May 2024

In an industry where innovation and sustainability have now become crucial, Danish Genetics, a leading player in genetic research and pig breeding, has once again demonstrated the ability to create progress and set new standards. With an eye to the future and a sense great of the global market dynamics, the company has published a great annual result for 2023.

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In a year characterized by ambitious investments in research and genetic development projects, Danish Genetics has not only met, but also exceeded its financial expectations for the year. The company presents a profit of DKK 5,625,620 for 2023, which marks a significant improvement from last year's DKK 1,799,728. This result underlines the company's robust growth strategy and its ability to successfully navigate an extremely volatile market.

“2023 has been a groundbreaking year for Danish Genetics. Our results reflect not only our financial robustness, but also our unwavering commitment to constantly invest in innovation and breeding progress," says Jan Gerber, CEO of Danish Genetics. "Our massive investments in R&D and genetic development projects are testimony to our vision of to lead the industry's revolution towards sustainability, and we see it as our duty to help shape the future of global pig production. Finally, it should be mentioned that we are happy and proud that the breeding strategy we set back in 2021 still proved to be correct and has now become the new standard in the breeding industry. The fact that we changed our focus and breeding program back in 2021 to be even more targeted towards sustainability, including improved sow and piglet survival, was the correct strategic decision and something that is already generating returns for customers".

Despite a continuing challenging global market, the management at Danish Genetics expects a further strengthened result in 2024 in the range of DKK 7-10 million. This expected result reflects the company's strong position on the market and its ability to continue to grow and innovate.

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Jan Gerber, CEO

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