Breeding philosophy

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Breeding philosophy

Genetic improvement through balanced breeding

The aim of Danish Genetics’ breeding program is genetic improvement by balanced breeding to increase sustainability of the pig production in an economic, environmental, and social aspect.

Our philsophy - balanced breeding

Our focus is more output for less input and more meat per year sow. This focus is essential to secure increased efficiency and sustainability in future pig production. Due to the biological complexity of the breeding goals, we balance our breeding program in six categories:

Categories in our breeding program

  • Efficiency
  • Growth
  • Reproduction
  • Robustness
  • Mothering ability
  • Carcass quality

These focus points are chosen because the combination of them results in a more sustainable breeding with profit for our consumers, less environmental pollution and increased animal welfare.

We breed for a super sow

We select for a super sow that can manage its own piglets, give birth to strong and robust piglets, produce more meat per year and is easy to manage. In addition to this goal, we select for an efficient and robust finisher pig that have a high average daily gain, feed efficiency, and level of carcass quality. This secures a sustainable pig production for all our pig production stakeholders.

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We develop and sell breeding genetics of the highest quality with the help of selected partners. We listen to our customers and with every single product comes dialogue, service and guidance. Direct contact and relationship with customers is of the highest priority for us.

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